Bhakti = Participation

imageSpending my last day in New Orleans, having just emerged from the 2014 BHAKTImmersion with Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band.

In the past week, we sang, danced, played, learned, colored, told stories, wrote poetry, partied, connected with each other, and shared from depths of our hearts. Essentially, we’ve been polishing the mirrors of our souls.

As with any intense experience or retreat, the inquiry always bubbles up: What happens when I go home?

I want to bottle this inspiration up and bring it home to Chicago with me! Or stay in New Orleans forever and steep in this joy! Or just laugh and laugh and laugh until I cry!

But this is just the beginning, the catalyst for beautiful new things to emerge.

I came here to practice bhakti yoga, play music, sing my heart out, learn rhythm. Here’s what I found…

“Bhakti is devotion. Devotion is participation.” ~Sean Johnson

“Rhythm is just showing up.”  ~Gwendolyn Colman

Here are some opportunities emerging that will allow us to participate and find our rhythm TOGETHER!

Service + Yoga: El Salvador Project
December 2014
Karma Yoga – selfless service project in the community of El Rodeo, a special place I visited 10 years ago, followed by yoga, meditation & chanting retreat on the ocean. Details coming soon…

Music, Meditation, Chakra Experiment
April/May 2014
Get into the laboratory with me as we play with singing and making sound to clear & strengthen the energy of our chakras, expand our vocal range, tune our listening, build confidence and find deep resonance. This will be offered on a donation basis in small groups or individually. Please email me if you’re interested in learning more:

photo-33Bhakti Brunch
April/May 2014
Devotion takes many forms: music, poetry, rhythm, dance, prayer, meditation, readings, art, service, FOOD!… Let’s join together over a delicious vegetarian/vegan friendly meal and share the many expressions of our devotion together. Dates & details coming soon…

Mindfulness Everywhere!
Friday 3/28 & beyond
Opportunities to join together in a mindful community to inspire, strengthen and guide our practice both online and in person. Learn more here! 

KIRTAN! Devotional Chanting Get details for all kirtan events here!

Shiva Shakti Kirtan Sangha
Thursday 3/27 and beyond
An intimate gathering at my home… learn to chant, play, and become part of the band!

The Bhakti Caravan
4/4 @ Be Optimal, Glenview & 4/12 @ Infinity Foundation, Highland Park
A joyful celebration of musical devotion.

How will you show up in this life?

P.S. See more pics & videos of my NOLA travel experience at