Have an adventure! I dare you to meditate with me…

So often we think of meditation as sitting still (and somewhat uncomfortably) with our legs crossed, our eyes closed and our hands in some kind of “mudra,” wondering if the brain will ever be quiet. Quiet the mind, still the thoughts, STOP THINKING!

This is NOT what I mean when I say “meditation.”

Andrea meditating costa rica beach

I used to say I had no time for sleep because I was too busy thinking. So many things to learn, figure out, solve, create, and do!

This is NOT what it means to be “productive.”

Mindfulness is a hot trend (just ask the editors at TIME Magazine). Contemporary marketing images invoke feelings of spiritual or emotional elitism, and idyllic model to achieve where we float mindfully through life with grace, compassion, and ease.

This is NOT the way I experience “mindfulness.”

Mindfulness means being awake. Being aware of what is happening inside you, around you, and in all the places you can’t see yet. It means being present with “now” whether that’s a blissful now or a down and dirty ugly now.

Mindfulness is the space of time, the split instant between the thing that occurs and your habitual reaction to it. It’s the opportunity to make an informed choice. It is using your mind to the fullest capacity. And it takes training. (Umm… who forgot to give us the manual that comes with this thing?)

Meditation IS the training. It’s the practice for cultivating that little space of time for choice, the opportunity to slow the fluctuations of the mind so that you can see them, observe them in their natural habitat, make friends with them and then develop a better working relationship with them.

With this skill, we can become more productive, more energized, more efficient, happier, lighter, more effective beings.

It’s not easy. Meditation is truly an adventure for the most courageous among us. And the reward is immense…

We get to become who we were always meant to be.


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